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Check out our credit repair testimonials from satisfied clients and see what they had to say about their experience with Clean Slate Credit Solutions.

I received a Discover credit card offer in the mail and decided to go for it. I was approved for $4,500. Also Bank of America approved me for $1,000 and Fingerhut credit limit was just raised another $400. Our plan is to soon buy a house. There is no words to describe how appreciative I am with your team’s work. Thanks for the opening more doors for my family’s future and hopefully buy a home soon. God bless you.

Elizabeth, New Jersey

These guys are great!!!! They helped repair mine and my wife’s credit!!!! Now I have over $30,000 in credit cards and a new car!!! And they are currently helping with my business credit. I currently have over 12 accounts under my business name with no personal guarantee.

Neptune, New Jersey

Just wanted to thank Jose and his team for helping me with my credit score. Since I signed up with Jose over 5 months ago my credit score has gone from a 620 to 750. And I now have more credit cards than I know what to do with. Haha

Brick, New Jersey

I went from a 620 credit score to a 810 in a matter of 4 months. Hey people, if you plan on buying a house, a car, or even getting approved for a credit card or loan, the first thing you need to do is contact Captain Clean Slate (Jose Rodriguez). You having nothing to lose. Having a great credit score will get you the best deal and interest rate on everything!

Neptune, New Jersey

I worked with Jose Rodriguez and his team on fixing my credit and student loan they were absolutely amazing. In just a few months my credit was in good stander (720 credit score) and my student was consolidated into one single payment. Thanks to there amazing skills my husband and I were able to purchase our dream house.

Belleville, New Jersey

I have been with Clean Slate Credit Solutions for a year now. They have done an amazing job of removing negative items from my credit. Clean Slate has helped me pull my credit report. You are only charged for the negative items that come off. If nothing was taking off, you will not be charged for. I myself will give them a 10 they have stood by everything they say.
Nilsa S

East Orange, New Jersey

I am so happy that I found Clean Slate Credit Solutions. They helped me clean up and improve my credit score after divorce. They helped me pull my credit reports, and shared with me what was on them, then they tackled the problems for me. They wrote letters on my behalf and really made this a simple process with quick results. I am more than happy with the results. I have recommended them to a number of people, and I recommend them to anyone interested in repairing their credit score. Great company to work with!

Spring Lake, New Jersey

I am completely satisfied with Clean Slate Credit Solutions. They made something that once seemed so overwhelming and incomprehensible to me, seem so easy. I love that they are very personable and personally answer their email to any question that you may have big or small. So far I have seen a 30 point increase in my credit score over the last month.

Long Branch, New Jersey

I am one Clean Slate Credit Solutions’ client and they have fulfilled everything they have promised. Including, support, pulled up my credit reports and help cleaned my credit history. For the first time, I could purchase a Chevy Tahoe under my name without a co-signer. This is a great company and I already recommended to all my friends and family. I was referred by one of my friends to this company and that friend was able to get loans and bought his girlfriend which now his wife, a brand new Mercedes Benz. I gave this company 10/10. Thanks Jose Rodriguez, keep up the good work.

Fords, New Jersey

I am very happy with Clean Slate Credit Solutions. They are helping me better my life. They helped me get my credit and explained everything to me step by step. Soon I will be ready to get the things I always wanted thanks to them. God Bless them and their family.

Clifton, New Jersey

I am a customer of Clean Slate Credit Solutions and they have done a fantastic job with helping me with clean up my credit. Since then I was able to buy a brand new car. I advise anyone who is looking for some advice about their credit and how to repair it to go see Jose Rodriguez.

Lakewood, New Jersey

Clean Slate Credit Solutions is a great company and helping me and my wife get back on the right path!!! Nothing but pleasant and nice things to say about company and Jose himself.

Seaside Park, New Jersey

I am so incredibly happy with the services provided to me by Clean Slate Credit Solutions. I went to them after a close friend of mine sky rocketed his credit and they did the same for me!! I have only ever paid for repaired or deleted items!! I have recommended them to my friends and family because it’s one of the best financial moves I have ever made.

Ocean, New Jersey

Clean Slate Credit Solutions was such a HUGE help to me. This is a man who owns a company who actually gives a sh@$ about his clients!!!! I have had a hard life, but Jose helped me get my life back. He was the first person to care about me and help me get my credit back. I do, and always will appreciate him. He works TIRELESSLY DAY AND NIGHT FOR HIS CLIENTS. Who the hell does that anymore ?! It’s nice to know that Jose does. And he is a family guy. Trust me! And I don’t trust anyone…. ;). Love Clean Slate!!! FOREVER GRATEFUL <3

Old Bridge, New Jersey

Let me be the first to say that I am very pleased with Clean Slate Credit Solutions because they helped me get better credit that I’ve been trying to do for the last 10 years. I have been under the knife when it comes to trying to get my credit taken care of and yet I haven’t been able to do what they have done in 3 months in the last 10 years. I am extremely impressed with them I went from a 549 score to is 631 score in 3 months. I would highly recommend to friends and family and to this day I love them

Long Branch, New Jersey

I am a customer of Clean Slate Credit Solutions and they are fantastic. This company is very professional and caring. Any questions or concerns I had were answered. Not only do they have low prices and are willing to work with you, they offer other services to help maintain good credit. They also send invites to their functions and events, they treat you like family. I give them 100% A+

Metuchen, New Jersey

Since I’ve registered with this company I’ve seen major changes with my credit. I recommend this company to everyone who needs help with credit repair. Best of all I’m only charged for what’s removed at a reasonable rate. Keep up the good work Clean Slate Credit Solutions!!!!

Neptune, New Jersey

Clean Slate Credit Solutions has helped me through the credit process so much. The first couple of months my score went up tremendously. I had a lot of negative items on my report, something I thought I would never be able to fix. Now I have 5 credit cards in good standing. Just started with brand new.. Fingerhut was the first one to help me out and gave me a credit increase right away once I paid it off. Now my credit score is 739 which I can’t be more happy about thank you Clean slate!!!!

Brooklyn, New York

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