How to Delete Collections From Your Credit Report

If you are trying to find out How to Delete Collections From Your Credit Report, then today is your lucky day. In this video, I explain How to Delete Collections From Your Credit Report to ensure they never come back on again. You must have a copy of your credit report to obtain the necessary information to dispute the collection accounts on your credit report. I will even provide you with 3 free dispute letters so you can dispute them yourself. Make sure you click below to watch our YouTube video and provide us with your email so I know where to send them. Post any questions you might have. 

We can help if you are looking to delete collection accounts from your credit report. Let us work with you and your bad credit to help raise your credit score. We will assess exactly where your credit is and where you want it to be. Clean Slate Credit Solutions will help you set goals and then do what we can to help motivate you to achieve those goals.

Here at Clean Slate Credit Solutions, our credit repair program charges you per item that is deleted from your credit report. In the event we are not able to get you results, then you don’t pay. So don’t worry about paying month after month with no results.

Visit if you would like to schedule a consultation with our credit repair company. Once we speak with you, we will determine we can help improve your credit. Get ready for great credit!

Jose A. Rodriguez Jr.
Credit Repair Expert
Clean Slate Credit Solutions