Got Credit?

Credit is defined as an agreement between a creditor or lender and a borrower in which the consumer assumes something of value in agreement to repay the creditor, based on certain terms.

Car dealers, banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, signature loan companies, payday advances, even student loan agencies, are a few of many sources who extend credit to individuals.

When you apply for new credit, these creditors review your credit profile to determine your risk of repaying that debt. Based on your risk you might get approved or denied.

If you do get approved, the repayment terms will again be based on the quality of your credit profile. The better your credit profile and the higher your score, the better terms you will receive.

When your credit profile is damaged, you will be charged higher interest based on that risk. The rate of interest will vary based on many factors, but interest charges can be significant. One credit card company in 2009 even released a credit card with an 89% APR!

Importance of Credit

Your life is your credit. If you have ever been denied a loan or even a job due to your credit, then you already know the importance your credit profile has to your life.

Most of the payments you pay each month are affected by your credit quality. Home loans, rent, car payments, credit cards, installment loans, car insurance, cell phones, health and life insurance, and even monthly utilities are all based on the quality of your credit.

From the payments, you pay each month, such as whether you rent or own your dream home are based solely on your credit quality. New employers are even relying on credit to help make hiring decisions. It is impossible to hide from your credit. And as more companies rely on it to gauge risk, the importance of your credit profile is ever increasing.

But credit is also very scary. Most consumers don’t know how credit works or even what that magical credit score really means. One thing is for sure, there is a dramatic difference in the quality of life between having bad or good credit.

We work with you to repair your bad credit and will help you raise your credit score. We really want to help people repair their credit and we do so in a very professional way that is really personable. We will work with you to assess exactly where your credit is and where you want it to be. Clean Slate Credit Solutions will help you set goals and then do what we can to help motivate you to achieve those goals.

Here at Clean Slate Credit Solutions, our credit repair program charges you per item that is deleted from your credit report. In the event we are not able to get you results, then you don’t pay. So don’t worry about paying month after month with no results. 

Visit if you would like to schedule a consultation with our credit repair company. Once we speak with you, we will determine we can help improve your credit. Get ready for great credit!

Jose A. Rodriguez Jr.
Credit Repair Expert
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